Board of Directors

2017-2018 Season

President Jennifer Delloye jendelloye@gmail.com
First Vice-President Matthew Kennerknecht matthew@kennerknecht.net
Second Vice-President Randy Sewell randysewell@gmail.com
Treasurer Larry South larry@litwin.ca
Secretary Nath Nguyen nnpn@hotmail.com
Past President Bernard Castellon bcastellon@nationalmtl.com


Letter from the last President

glenmore-largeOctober 13, 2017

I would like to welcome everyone back and extend a special welcome to our new Glenmore members.

I am very excited this year that Glenmore has the honor of hosting the biggest curling event in Quebec, The WFG Tankard, Men’s Provincials. The Tankard will run from February 4th to 11th. On February 11th the team who will represent Quebec at the 2018 Brier will be decided on our ice!

An event this large and prestigious will require a lot of organization and volunteers. Several committees are being created, look for sign-up sheets to be posted soon and please help out where you can. Let’s show Quebec that Glenmore is the best club because we have the best members (we do)! We also have great ice.

Despite the amazing fall weather, I am ready for this season to begin and look forward to playing with and against many of you in our leagues and in-house bonspiels.

See you around the club.
Jennifer Delloye
President, Glenmore Curling Club 2017-2018


A Little History

The Glenmore Curling Club opened its doors in 1961. It was originally named the Roxboro Curling Club, but the name was changed just before the opening.

Through a combination of debentures sold to the founding members and a floating loan from the bank, sufficient funds were raised to purchase a very large parcel of land. In 1962, the pool was dug, and the club opened for its first full season in 1963.

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Spaghetti Supper & Brier Sendoff

Team Fournier Brier Sendoff – presented by Hardline Curling

Team Fournier Purple Hearts

Team Fournier and their Purple Hearts from the 2018 WFG Tankard

Please join us on Friday, February 23rd at Glenmore as we celebrate Team Fournier’s Quebec Tankard WIN and wish them a great send-off to The 2018 Tim Hortons Brier in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Proceeds will help to fund the trip for alternate Émile Asselin, and maybe buy a few Brier Patch souvenirs!

Friday, February 23rd, 2018 6pm to 9pm
$15 all you can eat spaghetti
Includes salad and dessert.

Official schedule for the WFG Tankard 2018

The official schedule for the WFG Tankard 2018 is out! Find out in which sections your favorite teams are and when they are playing!

Reminder – we have limited seating at the club for the Tankard! Better buy your tickets soon!

There are three ways to purchase tickets for the 2018 WFG Tankard:

  1. At Glenmore Curling Club (payment by cash)
  2. By e-mailing glenmoretankard@gmail.com  (payment by interac e-transfer)
  3. Online (payment by credit card)   BUY TICKETS

For information: http://www.glenmorecurling.com/en/bonspiels/2018-tankard/


Tickets for WFG Tankard 2018 on sale now!

Still looking for the perfect curling Christmas gift? We have it for you: tickets for the WFG Tankard 2018!! Come and watch some great curling in February at Glenmore!

There are three ways to purchase tickets for the 2018 WFG Tankard:

  1. At Glenmore Curling Club (payment by cash)
  2. By e-mailing glenmoretankard@gmail.com  (payment by interac e-transfer)
  3. Online (payment by credit card)   BUY TICKETS

There is limited seating at the club, so hurry up and buy your tickets!

For information: http://www.glenmorecurling.com/en/bonspiels/2018-tankard/


Presidents’ bonspiel 2017

This past Saturday, as is customary, our current past president – Bernard Castellon – organized the Presidents’ bonspiel. Ten of our past presidents were present to help him out 🙂 It’s always fun for the members to see them hard at work 🙂 And the food this year was divine!

Past President 2017-2018: Bernard Castellon

Larry South, Daniel Paquette, John Gurman, Billy Sheppard, Anne Lafontaine, Stan Fong, Keith Denver, Lawren Steventon, Greg Sleno, Keith Davidson, Bernard Castellon & Jennifer Delloye

Congratulations to Team Steventon and Team Gurman for winning the event!

Team Steventon: Lawren Steventon (skip), Marshall Don (third), Brent Jackle (second) and Emilie Nguyen (lead)  
Team Gurman: John Gurman (skip), Scott Leslie (third), Donna Haley (second) and Kelsey Boyd (lead)

Kudos to Bernard and Maria for all their hard work. The Presidents’ bonspiel is really the perfect event to kick off the holidays season!